Soaps and Scrubs

There are two types of Scrubs:  Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Sugar Scrub created with Organic Coconut Oil, Expeller pressed Grapeseed Oil, and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Both of these scrubs are intended to be used in the shower or bath on rough and tough callous skin such as the bottoms of feet. Suggestions for use is during washing hands, regularly place a teaspoon of scrub into damp hands, scrub for a few seconds and wash off using warm water, towel dry. Also, use scrub on the bottoms dry or callous feet during a shower or bath and rinse. Towel dry feet and remove excess oils.  Scrubs will leave your hands and feet feeling feeling clean and regular use of scrubs moisturizes and conditions callous skin.


Soaps and Scrubs are made with attentive care. Soap Bars are created with Organic Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Oil Grapeseed Oil or Olive Oil. For a more luxurious and skin moisturizing bar of soap I will use Mango or Shea Butter and Coconut milk. To harden the soap bars I will use Beeswax. Vitamin E Oil and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils provide extra nourishment and beautiful all natural fragrances.  I use only 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils. This grade according to international standards are suitable for all aromatherapy applications and are created without the use of harsh chemicals. I use Organic coconut oil, and if there are intentional colorants, they are made from all natural herbs and clay and mica powder. My products are created pure and gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin. Me and my family personally use these lotion bars on our skin in the bath and shower daily. I also use grated bars of soap into my laundry detergent.

CP Red Swirl Soap


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