Household Cleaners and Deodorizers



Household Deodorizers are made simply with Therapeutic grade essential oils and Reverse Osmosis water. Room Deodorizers made with Lavender essential oils good to use as a sleep enhancer. Spray lightly on pillowcase at night just before sleep. Lavender is also a natural anti-depressant so use frequently around the room to help elevate or just give you a mood boost. Purification deodorizer will help eliminate and neutralize odors and can be sprayed around you outside as a natural bug deterrent.

Household Cleaners are made just as simple with a blend of five essential oils blend also known as plague defense or thieves, Pure Grain Alcohol, and Reverse Osmosis water. Use to clean all household surfaces and even may be used as an insecticide on plants and herbs. Shake well before each use and avoid eye or facial contact, flush eyes with water if accidental contact. Please test all new surfaces before each use. We use this spray on our kitchen counters daily.


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